C2C SmartCompliance Ranked One of Top 50 Most Valuable Enterprise Tech Companies

C2C SmartCompliance, a Virginia-based company that has developed leading-edge software to help busy executives manage complex compliance issues by mapping the relationships among requirements, has been ranked by Insights Success magazine as one of the top 50 most valuable enterprise tech companies.

C2C SmartCompliance was cited for its “affordable and easy-to-use Web and enterprise-based risk management and compliance solutions” that automate the costly manual processes associated with becoming and remaining compliant to multiple regulations, standards and best practices.

“C2C SmartCompliance was born from a vision of helping companies overcome the day-to-day challenges of what can often be an adversarial legal and regulatory system,” explained Steve Crutchley, founder and CEO of the Alexandria-based C2C SmartCompliance.

“We are pleased that respected third parties like Insights Success magazine and others have validated what is widely recognized as C2C SmartCompliance’s prescient vision,” added Crutchley, who brings more than 25 years of consulting and auditing experience to the firm’s growing client portfolio.

Earlier this year, C2C SmartCompliance was selected by CIO Review magazine as one of the 20 most promising enterprise risk management solution providers.

Led by Compliance Mapper™, C2C’s affordable product suite includes MyRiskAssessor™ and Compliance Assessment Professional™ — collectively representing the next generation of compliance solutions in an easy-to-use interface that doesn’t attempt to change the way people work. The entire product suite can be tailored for organizations of all sizes across a wide spectrum of industries, but particularly in heavily regulated sectors like finance and healthcare.

In announcing its top 50 selections on Dec. 20, Insights Success noted that C2C SmartCompliance doesn’t have any direct competitors, yet continues to face the challenge of educating executives that alert services only go so far in helping their organizations remain compliant to new and changed regulations.

Insights Success is a forum where top leaders and executives talk and share their experiences.

All C2C SmartCompliance products are available in web- or enterprise-based editions that can be tailored for each company.

Compliance Mapper™ automates the tedious task of regulatory compliance, regulatory change management and intuitive mappings at various levels to ensure line-of-sight across the organization.

MyRiskAssessor™ (MyRA) is a powerful Web-based application that automates the tedious tasks of conducting an asset risk analysis or business impact analysis — whether companies need to provide a comprehensive report for their biggest customer, satisfy a specific regulatory requirement or perform due diligence as part of a merger or acquisition.

Powered by Compliance Mapper™, MyRA is easy to use yet one of the most powerful risk and impact assessment tools on the market. Compliance Mapper™ is a much more encompassing solution that also incorporates Compliance Assessment Professional™, which addresses complex and costly regulatory compliance issues by offering consistent and standardized reports to support business requirements and much more.


Steve Crutchley 

Owner, Consult2Comply/C2CSmartCompliance

Fuente: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/c2c-smartcompliance-ranked-one-top-50-most-valuable-tech-crutchley/


Mario Meneses 

Account Manager at C2C SmartCompliance


móvil / WA  +52 1 7711871152

C2C SmartCompliance | Campeche 233, Col. Condesa | México, CDMX


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